via Abel Gray

via Abel Gray

With a bit more

spotlight and attention

in the direction

of Chicago artist

Qari, it might be

necessary to have

a refresher course

on the young MC

and producer who has

been around

since he was like 15.

That's word

to Supreme Regime

While a more proper

feature and rundown

is necessary, for now,

let's first focus on the playlist

up above.

Featuring five solo

Qari tracks, it hones

in on his independent work

released within

the group

Hurt Everybody.

Although the group

listed themselves as a trio,

Qari had a handful

of solo pieces

he both produced

and rapped over.

Tracks like “Low Light”

and “Sandstorm”

and “Beauty”,

all of which

still hold up

as minimal

and pyschedelic gems.

When the time

finally arrives

where you need to

take a break

from looping the quality

music video

for "Pants from Japan",

which I covered

last week, and while you

wait patiently for

Qari's upcoming EP,

be sure to revisit

some of Qari's earlier work.

Like last year's EP

Space Jam

with producer Mulatto Beats.

Like the 2016 EP

with Chicagoan

Sen Morimoto.

Like the three track

2014 BETA project,

back when he went

by Carl; it still

sounds new.

Like plenty of loosies

(including the video below)

scattered throughout

a fascinating history.

Qari's archives are

full of gold.

Let it be told.