This is the eleventh segment of my monthly Neon Broadcast on the [neonpajamas] platform. While the first ten episodes have been sleepy and relaxed, this edition is full of raps and heavy bass. Something to soundtrack your summer, Sunset Feathers is full of Midwestern (and beyond) heat. Enjoy the 42 minutes of fire and check out the tracklisting below for more from these talented rappers and producers. Photo taken by myself in Holbox, Mexico at the end of May.

01. Brookes w/ Joe Nora - "Miata" [Instrumental]

02. Smino w/ Bari - "Home Invaders" [Prod. Phoelix]

03. bc.einstein w/ Chester Watson - "Black Feathers"

04. Lorde Fredd33 w/ Kane - "Kane" [Prod. Q the Sun]

05. Lorde Fredd33 w/ WebsterX - "NBN" [Prod. Q the Sun]

06. Phoelix w/ Elton - "Ice Cream"

07. Mick Jenkins - "Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat" [Prod. Mistermojo]

08. Lucki - "What I Wanna" [Prod. BoatHouse]

09. AmbI Lyrics w/ Sean Deaux - "Hookey Interlude"

10. Hurt Everybody - "Apotheosis"

11. Mick Jenkins - "A Layover" [Prod. THEMpeople]

12. Qari - "Harrowing Thoughts" [Prod. Mulatto]

13. Joe Nora w/ Kelvo - "Polar"

14. Jetson w/ Junyii - "x junyii"

15. Lorde Fredd33 w/ Zed Kenzo - "True Indeed" [Prod. Q the Sun]

16. Hurt Everybody - "Sun Goddess" [Prod. Supa Bwe]