Sen Morimoto

might have my favorite

song of the year

so far, and it hasn't

even been

properly released

(see video at the bottom).

That being said,

the talented Chicagoan

(who blends production

with vocal work

and saxophone layers)

has released a twenty minute

offering known as

It's Late.

The six song project

blends jazz and pop

with experimental psychedelia

and hip-hop elements.

The project is kickstarted

by the memorable

“Lake Wyola”,

which dropped

last year,

and continues

through a strong run.

Frequent collaborator

Qari stops by

for production assistance

halfway through

for “Straw Masks”

and closing number

"Shouldn't Live or Remember a Day"

ends it all so nicely.

It's a whirlwind

of a good time,

one you can spin

in its entirety

on SoundCloud,

or listen to broken up

on Bandcamp.

The choice is yours.