Katrina Tarzian

aka Kater Jayne

is an energized

Chicago photographer who,

according to legend,

never sleeps.

Constantly splitting time

between cigarette puffs,

Backwoods purchases,

and camera snaps,

she has developed

a signature style

through an eclectic use

of various types of film. 

As a result, Katrina's been able

to create a new dimension

of covering Chicago culture.

The recent photos

in this article

barely scratch the surface.

You can either find her

shooting for Do312 or

surrounded by rappers/producers

like Qari, Mulatto,

Dally Auston, theMIND,

Green Sllime, Mick Jenkins,

and many more.

Shout-out Wisam.

Katrina's a great addition

to the Ongoing Art Gallery,

and a fine example

of raw, authentic

photography happening

right inside

the city of wind.

Visit her

social media pages

for more film

and check out

her upcoming collaborative

women's gallery

on March 24.