Welcome to the ninth episode of Neon Broadcast. I started this show a little over a year ago and today marks the final segment of 2017. Because it's December and because I wanted to wrap up the year nicely, I've decided to make this episode about some of my favorite tracks of the year. By no means is this my top 24 of the year, but rather, 24 songs released in 2017 that perfectly encapsulate the sound I'm trying to showcase on my show. No artist is featured twice, or else I'd have a bunch more Joe Nora songs. As always, Alicks is playing in the background while I ramble. Until next year.

01. Imbaru - "Hibernacion" [Instrumental]


02. Mounika - "Winter" [Instrumental]

03. Joe Nora w/ Lunah - "Extra Spicy Secret Song" [Quasi-instrumental]

04. Feverkin - "August" [Instrumental]

05. Borealism - "Her" [Instrumental]

06. Sesh - "Torch Lake" [Instrumental]


07. Milo - "Note to Mrs." [Prod. Mt. Marcy]

08. Smino - "Lobby Kall" [Prod. Monte Booker]

09. Iris Temple - "Ashes" [Prod. Quinn Cochran]

10. Qari - "Love is Going to Find U" [Prod. Friends]

11. Spooky Mansion - "You're the Wave"

12. Bemos w/ Omar Apollo & Maxwell Young - "12:34 AM"


13. Fla.mingo - "Please/Intro" [Instrumental]

14. Djemba Djemba - "Positivity" [Harris Cole Remix]

15. Jaro - "Annabelle" [Instrumental]

16. Senoy - "Myakachu" [Instrumental]

17. TedLK - "Move City" [Instrumental]

18. Cuddle Formation - "for ppl who make music instead of dreaming at night" [Instrumental]


19. Joy Again - "Winter Snakes"

20. Olivia Prado - "Lover's Lullaby" [Prod. Barnes Blvd.]

21. Keshi - "Over U"

22. TSUKI - "Boy"

23. Oatmello w/ Duendita - "Home"

24. Gabriel Garzon-Montano - "Lullaby"