Dress Code Aquarium (download/buy) // 40 absurd one-page stories involving hot air balloons, skunks, catamarans, and the pope driving a tractor. Available as a pay-what-you-want PDF.

Ants on Stilts (download/buy) // 40 microfables, snippets, discarded postcards, low budget observations, and mediocre illustrations. Available as a pay-what-you-want PDF.


Handcastle Magazine (buy) // 40 pages featuring over a dozen artists from seven different countries. It includes interviews, poems, and a chef's recipe.

Drawing a Blank (download/buy) // A 40 page, multimedia art zine featuring 27 different artists through paintings, drawings, poetry, photography, and even a grocery list.



Pithead Chapel // one prose poem

HOOT review // one prose poem (with art)

Bending Genres // one poem

Okay Donkey // one prose poem

Ghost City Press // three poems

formercactus // four prose poems // three prose poems

Philosophical Idiot // two poems

The Ginger Collect // one poem

Five:2:One // one poem

Cabinet of Heed // three poems

Likely Red // one prose poem

Unbroken Journal // one prose poem

Graviton // one prose poem

Occulum // three poems

Parentheses // one poem

The Mystic Blue Review // two prose poems

tenderness lit // one poem

Hypnopomp // three poems

Moonchild Magazine // two poems

The Ginger Collect // one poem

Terse Journal // three poems

YesPoetry // one poem

Flash Fiction

MMPP // one flash

Train Lit Mag // one flash

101 Fiction // 100 word story

Paragraph Planet // 75 word story

Speculative 66 // 66 word story

Memoir Mixtapes // one flash