[ Photo cred:  Katrina Tarzian  ]

[Photo cred: Katrina Tarzian]

Made from scratch within the confines of our illustrious Logan Square home

Christmas arrived early

this year

as talented Chicago artists

Qari and Morimoto

(who are roommates

in Logan Square)

released a four song EP

known as Don't Buy That.

Who knows how many

tracks these two

had to choose from,

but they certainly

chose wisely.

Featuring plenty of

instrumental switch-ups,

lyrical tongue twisters,

lofi vibes,

and enough saxophone

and keys to go around,

the four song project

stays stuck

up in the clouds.

Even Jommis stops by

for the song "Like a Run".

The whole project

is a dreamy endeavor

for these Chicago cosmonauts.

They have released plenty

together in the past,

but with this release,

they have finally

packaged something

for open-minded listeners

looking to be dazzled

by a mesh

of jazz and hip-hop.

Don't Buy That

is a hallucinatory

and nebulous project,

one that helps to properly

close out 2016

with a jazz cigarette

and a pair of sunglasses.