This is the fifth segment of my monthly Neon Broadcast on the new [neonpajamas] platform. Following the pace and flow of the last four segments, this new episode, Window Ballet, is more sleepy and ambient feels that you've come to expect from these episodes. The lush artwork was taken on a Thursday in Texas (visit Inks Lake State Park), and all of the songs included within are lofi, acoustic, and perfect for bedtime. They sound fitting in the cactus sun or in the Chicago wind. Without further ado, enjoy the fifth broadcast below and check out the tracklisting which includes hyperlinks to the properly credited songs.

01. h e c - "l i l y" [Instrumental]


02. fantompower - "There Was a Rainbow Outside My Window Today" [Instrumental]

03. TedLK - "See it You" [Instrumental]

04. s o h e e - "Don't Forget Your Glasses" [Instrumental]

05. Rhoda - "Not" [Instrumental]


06. Qari - "Love is Going to Find U" (Prod. Friends)

07. Joe Nora & Alone Time - "Wish You'd Leave Me Alone" [Instrumental]

08. Leslie Marie - "On Baby" (Prod. Jaro & Joe Nora)

09. Jaro - "4 in Da Mornin" [Instrumental]

10. Leslie Marie - "Expecting You" (Prod. Derrick Phoenix)


11. Sesh - "1:17 A.M." [Instrumental]

12. Sesh - "Torch Lake" [Instrumental]

13. Caduceus - "We Were Never in Love But Oh God, We Could've Been" [Instrumental]

14. Barnes Blvd. - "You and I" [Instrumental]


15. Loving - "The Not Real Lake"

16. Mellow Fellow & Clairo - "How Was Your Day?"

17. Joy Again - "Necromancer"