Art:  Sam Fuehring

I respect Phoelix

greatly for releasing

an 18 song mixtape

in 2018. The prolific

artist has been touring,

collaborating, and making

music nonstop. In the last

eight months,

he's delivered with

the seven song GSPL EP

and now the 45 minute

TEMPO mixtape,

a sprawling showcase

that spotlights Phoelix's

abilities both behind

the boards and in front

of the mic.

Bar heavy,

harmony heavy,

with thick production

that properly blends

hip-hop with R&B

with soul with trap

with downtempo grooves.

It's one of

the densest releases

of 2018 so far,

demanding multiple

playbacks and frequent

spins. Two thirds

of the way through,

the five minute track

“Toll” makes an appearance.

It might be best

track on this project

and it's hidden

in the depths

of a damn gold mine.

Plenty of friends

come along

for this joy ride

(like Elton, Jean Deaux,

Smino, and Dax in Spanish)

and it's an enjoyable

journey indeed.