See the world through my mind
John Malkovich, Spike Jonze directed it
iPhones directed it, dollar signs to deficits
Qari had the prerequisites

Space Jam:

1.) A slam dunk

somewhere in orbit.

2.) A 1996 film

where half court

dunks are possible.

3.) A Chicago mixtape

that achieves

the previous two definitions.

At 11:59 last night,

rapper/producer Qari

and producer Mulatto

gave the people

six heaters

in the form

of a short mixtape

(and not an EP).

Yes, the film

gets sampled throughout.

Space Jam

is a cosmic slumber

party lost in weed

clouds and enchanting loops.

Can we talk about

"Pants in Japan"?

Enough bars

to fill a journal

and strong enough

production to beg

for open versed


I've never rapped

in my life,

but find me writing

down lines

while listening

to the outro

on "Money Bitch".

Listen to this

well into 2018.