It's been really enjoyable

following the movements

and ambitions and hustles

of Green Sllime

since I arrived in Chicago in 2013.

I remember a horrorcore/Halloween

mixtape that he released

with Loopis Harvey.

I remember his instrumental

on the W2ND2CH2LL compilation.

Now he's touring

the world with Mick Jenkins,

both of whom

were recently out in South Africa

hanging out with lions.

On top of a busy tour schedule

(and some more of his own

music on the way),

Sllime has also crafted

a YouTube show known as

Sllime's Broke Ass Low Budget Show.

Equal parts Loiter Squad, Public Access,

and Half Baked,

the hilarious show has five episodes

that feature guests

Smino, Qari, Mulatto,

Dally Auston, Joseph Chilliams,

and the Chicago legend


The episodes clock in anywhere

from five minutes to fifteen minutes,

and they're all a blast,

showcasing a stoned subsector

of 'give no fucks'

Chicago culture.

All guests and hosts

in these videos

are highly creative individuals

who are having a hell of a time

while doing so.

I saw Sllime the other day

and he told me that he has 

a few more episodes

that have been recorded

and will be released soon.

I can only imagine

the guests and skits on deck.

Shout-out 119.