It's the last day

of summer

and holy shit

is it hot.

As Chicago clocks

in at 92 degrees

on Sept. 22,

it's only right

to listen

to .22 SUMMERS,

the debut album

by producer Mulatto Beats.

Featuring a monster lineup

of Chicago rappers,

the weed-heavy

bass jumper

has guests like Lucki,

King L, Warhol.SS,

Trapo, Thouxanbanfauni,

Mick Jenkins, and more.

Perhaps my favorite

collaborations lie

between Mulatto and Qari.

The two released plenty

together as part of

Hurt Everybody

and also delivered

one hell of an EP

earlier this year.

They collaborate twice

on .22 SUMMERS

with the stand-out tracks

"Good to Lose"

and "UMX".

With all of this great

content under Mulatto Beats'

belt, and now with his first

project out of the way,

expect much more

from the talented producer

around the corner.

This one will certainly

hold you over.