[ Photo cred:  Jaro  ]

[Photo cred: Jaro]

This is my second segment of the monthly Neon Broadcast on the new [neonpajamas] platform. Acting as a sequel (sonically and chronologically) to 'We Try to Relax', this new edition, 'Sunset Blues', is equally as calm, laid back, hushed. Enjoy the 54 minute broadcast below and check out the tracklisting which includes hyperlinks to the official songs. It's also worth noting how I used pieces from the EP Haitus by Falsevacancy as I talked throughout the segment. 

Until next time. 

01. Nellie McKay - "I'll Never Smile Again"


02. Sesh - "Drowning in the Deep" [Instrumental]

03. Shrimpnose - "Pinhead" [Instrumental]

04. Izzard - "I'll Be Alright" [Instrumental]

05. Jetson - "Snow" [Instrumental]

06. Oliver - "Orange Peels" [Snippet] [Instrumental]


07. DRAMA - "Fuck Dave"

08. Drea Smith - "Purple Circles" [Prod. Banksthegenius, Noah Sims, IBCLASSIC]

09. Ravyn Lenae - "Free Room" [Ft. Appleby] [J. Robb Remix]

10. Monte Booker & Naji - "Mona Lisa"


11. Trapo - "I Drove Here in the Rain"

12. bliss & alice - "London"

13. Qari & Morimoto - "Thought of You"

14. Iris Temple - "Lemonade"


15. San Soma - "At Sunset"

16. San Soma - "High Anxiety"

17. C.W. Stoneking - "Jailhouse Blues"