Art:  Mohtz

Art: Mohtz

Barnes Blvd.

came through

with his debut album

Last Summer.

The eleven song

instrumental journey

is “a collection of tracks

made and selected

over the last few months.”

With only one feature

from producer Rook1e

and full of field recordings

and organic percussion,

the project is both

emotional and comforting

at the same time,

like getting flowers

in the mail as you wipe

away morning tears.

This is one that will be

with me all year long

and for years to come.

The pianos, the guitars,

the ukuleles, they all works

so well here.

Thank you, Barnes Blvd.

Someone needs

to give this artist

a bag of money

to make music

like this forever.

If you need more

from the Washington

native, be sure

to check out

his collaborative track

with ok2222, j'san,

and Khai Dreams.