This is the seventh segment of my monthly Neon Broadcast on the [neonpajamas] platform. I took a break in May and June to focus on the Sleep compilations, but now the show is back and it's sleepier than ever. Keeping with the melancholic momentum of the last six segments, this new episode, Flower Storm, offers more of that relaxed atmosphere you've come to expect from these episodes. All of the songs included within are acoustic, soothing, bedroom creations perfect for bedtime. They sound fitting caught in a rainstorm, out at the beach, or wandering through a botanical garden. The July artwork, for example, was taken in Atlanta at a dog park known as the Redneck Riviera, where I considered taking a nap. Without further ramble, enjoy the seventh broadcast below and check out the tracklisting which includes hyperlinks to the properly credited songs.

01. TedLK - "Gully" [Instrumental]


02. Mounika - "Winter"

03. TSUKI - "Pareidolia"

04. ok2222 - "So Real (Demo 2)"

05. barnes blvd. - "Conversations w/ Kareis"


06. Oatmello - "Hear You Again" [Instrumental]

07. Dwyer - "Mind Fog" [Instrumental]

08. Borealism - "Summer Lily" [Instrumental]

09. fantompower - "It's Raining in the Summer but it's All Good" (w/ Pkt) [Instrumental]


10. bemos - "12:34" (Ft. Omar Apollo & Maxwell Young)

11. Mellow Fellow - "Dancing"

12. TSUKI - "Boy"

13. Puma Blue - "Soft Porn"


14. fragile w/ squid ethics [Instrumental]

15. Fla.mingo - "Nox" & "Summer" [Instrumentals]

16. Joe Nora - "Melt U" [Instrumental]


17. hec - "blueflowers"

*songs played while talking*

TSUKI - [Unreleased]

Djemba Djemba - "Positivity" (Harris Cole Remix)