Producer barnes blvd.

and singer/songwriter Olivia Prado

are no strangers to,

but the Washington-based couple

have been making enough

quality tunes as of late

that they're now

worthy of their own

feature story.

I covered their track

Lover's Lullaby

back in April,

and plenty more songs

have been released

in that short time since.

With singles scattered throughout,

barnes blvd. has released six songs

on his own SoundCloud in the last month,

as well as assistance

on the new Sleep compilation.

Not to be outdone,

Olivia Prado

has released five songs

in the last month

with some being

demos, others being covers,

and most featuring barnes blvd.

in some capacity.

The two have a plethora

of collaborative and solo releases

that all seem to blossom

so organically.

Given the dozen or so

songs the two have released

in the last month,

it seems that the couple

is setting off

for a promising summer.

I'll be sure

to keep an ear out

for more tracks

from the two,

both in solo form

and in collaboration.