I welcome you to the tenth episode of Neon Broadcast. Ten! I started this show a little over a year ago and each segment marks a particular time capsule of my life. Because it's early April and because I haven't released a broadcast since last December, I decided to compile a 45 minute rundown of my favorite tracks from the first quarter of 2018. While most of these were released within that time frame, this broadcast also includes a few old(er) tracks that I didn't discover until recently. Better late than never, right? As always, all of the featured songs are relaxed, hushed, sleepy as hell. As always, no artist is featured twice. As always, the artwork is courtesy of yours truly, from a recent trip to Saguaro National Park. I hope this dominantly instrumental mix warms your springtime heart. 

01. TedLK - "Feel it Too" [Instrumental]

02. Borealism - "Green Monarch Ridge" [Instrumental]

03. Mbrr - "~~~" [Instrumental]

04. bluørangee - "Ponte Stalingrado" [Instrumental]

05. Senoy - "Tibet" [Instrumental]

06. joe nora - "aadorable" [Instrumental]

07. TSUKI - "Lapse" [Instrumental]

08. Yclept Insan - "Take it Slow"

09. Fla.mingo - "Hope This Helps" [Instrumental]

10. Bobby Swan - "Fluxtide" [Instrumental]

11. Arbour - "Where I'm At" [Instrumental]

12. Through & Through w/ barnes blvd. - "Sand Castle" [Instrumental]

13. Oatmello w/ dayn.w - "Let Me In" [Instrumental]

14. Alaskan Tapes - "IV (Piano Day 2018)" [Instrumental]

15. Tommpabeats w/ Rei Brown - "Goodbye" [Instrumental]

16. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - "Bubble" (Acoustic)

17. Cutouts - "Nina" (Demo)