This is the eighth segment of my monthly Neon Broadcast on the [neonpajamas] platform. As October is in full force, I've decided to hone in on autumnal tracks, both melancholic and relaxed. This new episode, Magnolia Banks, offers more of that soothing atmosphere you've come to expect from these episodes. All of the songs included within are acoustic, downtempo, bedroom creations perfect for naptime. They sound fitting as the leaves fall, as costume parties pile up, and as the cold starts to enter our hearts. The image above was taken near Cat Ba Island in Vietnam, where it was the complete opposite of Chicago in October. Without further ramble, enjoy the eighth broadcast below and check out the tracklisting which includes hyperlinks to the properly credited songs.

01. Phib - "Regular Space" [Instrumental]


02. IZ - "She Talks About Distance" [Instrumental]

03. Allem Iversom - "Mistook" [Instrumental]

04. Mt. Marcy - "You Will Keep Me in Your Debt" [Instrumental]

05. Fla.mingo - "Girl" [Instrumental]

06. Borealism - "Magnolia Dream" [Instrumental]

07. TedLK - "Cloth" [Instrumental]


08. Barnes Blvd. - "Cody Banks" [Instrumental]

09. Oatmello - "Blink" [Instrumental]

10. Lust - "I've Been Waiting All This Time..." [Instrumental]

11. Aso w/ Middle School - "Good Sleep" [Instrumental]

12. Imbaru - "Hibernacion" [Instrumental]

13. Alicks - "Cut it Out"

14. Alicks - "Passed"


15. Naji & Thomas White - "Hurt"

16. Joe Nora & Lunah - "Weightless"

17. Milo - "Note to Mrs." [Prod. Mt. Marcy]

18. Leslie Marie - "DaVinci" [Prod. Joe Nora, Jaro, Banks]

19. Mellow Fellow & Floor Cry - "New Year's Eve"


20. Greaf - "Good As New" [Instrumental]