Art:  Jer669

Art: Jer669

Early October and it feels like autumn. Below are ten tracks meant to help with your transition phase from summertime delights to fall hoodies. Press play and explore at your own pace. Over half of these are instrumental and rightfully so. Shout-out to Jeremiah Durian-Williams with the inktober art above, courtesy of Craig Gleason's Bad Guy Club

Oatmello - “Blink”

Are you listening to Oatmello yet? His 2017 discography is so impressive. A boatload of EPs and a full-length to boot. Let's see what else he does before 2018 hits. For now, jump into the guitar-driven “Blink”. It's a faraway dream that feels like flying.

j'san - “When the Leaves Come Falling Down”

Just in time for autumn. This song sounds like walking down the street in the early afternoon in a hooded sweatshirt, sipping hot chocolate as the greens turn to oranges, yellows, and reds. If you need more from j'san (you do), be sure to check out the newest single “Nobody Like You” with ok2222.

Joe Nora & Lunah - “Weightless”

Producer Joe Nora and vocalist Lunah let loose on this single “Weightless”. It is the first single off of their upcoming EP, which you can expect later this month. “Weightless” feels like going for a slow motion swim for the first time and finding out that water helps you float. Spin it twice.

Shrimpnose - “Worry”

The Shrimp! You need headphones for this one. You need car speakers for this one. You need the night to yourself for this one. “Worry” is yet another heater from the Minnesota musician. This shit sounds like god, don't it?

Son! - “Painting”

I just listened to this song while eating a bunch of absurdly large blueberries. It fit almost too perfectly. The Midwest-based vocalist/musician crafted “Painting” from scratch and filled it to the brim with sharp tongue twisters. Look out for much more from the artist formerly known as Lord of the Fly.

Yellow Days - “I Believe in Love”

I couldn't tell you how many times I listened to Yellow Days this summer. Now that it's fall, I'm still listening. The newest single “I Believe in Love” is a perfect addition to the high quality world Yellow Days has crafted for himself.

Mellow Fellow & Floor Cry - “New Year's Eve”

You can always count me in on new Mellow Fellow. The most recent single from the Filipino artist is a collaboration with Canadian vocalist Floor Cry. Loop it for an evening and feel like you're at prom in a different decade on another planet.

Olivia Prado & Elijah Lopez - “You” (Prod. Barnes Blvd.)

We've talked at length about the collaborative greatness between Olivia Prado and Barnes Blvd. And here the duo is back with help from Elijah Lopez on the song “You”. It's a sing-a-long, a freeforming party, one that holds on to summer a bit longer.

Dwyer - “Monsoon”

Fresh off of his summer project Night Swim, the UK producer is back with “Monsoon”, a batch of instrumental rainfall crashing along the coast. Full of layered ambiance and atmospheric electronica, the near-five minute song progresses and molds into one hell of a thunderstorm.

Borealism - “Her”

In 2017, Borealism became one of my very favorite producers. With a steady onslaught of singles on his SoundCloud (complete with Moebius artwork), he also managed to release a full-length album with Inner Ocean (Ripples in the Stream) and a ten minute EP (The Mountains Will Not Know Your Name). With his newest, “Her”, it's a meditative journey through ambient meanderings, where anything is possible.