Ten SoundCloud songs to soundtrack your Thursday. Press play while you work in your cubicle, while you go for a run, while you take a nap, while you grab groceries on your way home. I believe in you and so do these outstanding ten tracks, all of which have been released in the last week or so, and all of which deserve your full attention. Without further ado:

Da-P & theMIND - "Ms. Communication" (Ft. Sun)

In celebration of his birthday, Chicago artist (and THEMpeople affiliate) theMIND released the collaborative track "Ms. Communication". It's three-and-a-half minutes of bass-driven grooves. You might recall Soulection producer Da-P and theMIND collaborating previously on Mick Jenkins' song "Sunkissed". It's great to hear this reunion, with some vocal assistance from Sun. 

Shrimpnose - "Hello!"

Minnesota producer runs wild on the instrumental "Hello!", which snags the famous Mario greeting. Shrimpnose has been dropping songs on a weekly basis as of late, and this is yet another fine addition to the growing portfolio. If you're in the area, be sure to check him out at a handful of music festivals this summer (including Summerfest). 

Barnes Blvd. & Flora - "Cheek Kisses"

Producers Barnes Blvd. and Flora reworked a Bright Eyes song to create "Cheek Kisses". It includes an outro with Olivia Prado and the entire experience is rather emotional. Obviously, given the Bright Eyes preface. Press play and shed a tear as you revisit a Conor Oberst track that dropped eleven years ago.

Kupla - "Still Breathing"

I'm still looping Kupla's instrumental EP In.The.Forest.We.Are.Wizards, and he's already prepping a new album. Launching the project is the loose single "Still Breathing", which is a piano-driven relaxation piece, one complete with rainfall and bass that demands nice speakers or a good pair of headphones. 

Nik Soni - "Wander On"

UK artist Nik Soni has been featured here in the past, but his newest track, "Wander On", is particularly worthy of praise, as it was released through Souletiquette. It's a great look for the producer and vocalist and rightfully so: "Wander On" blends ambient elements with pop elements to create something truly chill. Once you've given this one a spin, run through Nik Soni's personal SoundCloud, you won't be disappointed. 

Portugal the Man - "Feel it Still" (Medasin Remix)

One of my favorite producers reworked one of my favorite singles of the year. Medasin does his thing with the Alaskan group's single "Feel it Still", turning it from an electrified radio single into a lush daydream, one perfect for closing out a long night. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the music video for "Feel it Still", which features a quality appearance from The Last Artful, Dodgr. 

Omar Apollo - "Pram"

I covered three songs by Indiana artist Omar Apollo last week, and later that day, he released a new song. The track is called "Pram" and it brings you more of that guitar-driven bedroom R&B that Apollo crafts so well. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out his other tracks, including his quality music videos. Omar Apollo might be the only artist I know whose aesthetic is 'Jimmy Fallon'. 

Fragile w/ Squid Ethics

You should know what you're getting into when you press play on a song by a producer named Fragile. Something delicate, something to take care of. The soothing lofi producer joined forces with fellow producer Squid Ethics for the untitled song. It's a calming lullaby, one that comes and goes too quickly. 

Cory Grindberg - "Whole Foods Was Created by the Devil"

Cory Grindberg is a madman behind the boards. His newest instrumental, "Whole Foods Was Created by the Devil" is an expressionistic mindfuck. It's a complex, heavily layered composition, one that follows suit from his past releases. A particular breakdown in the middle will be sure to make your head spin, while the beginning and ending will have you grooving around your crib. 

Dwyer - "Mind Fog"

Producer Dwyer is preparing to release an EP by dropping a steady supply of impressive instrumentals. The newest piece "Mind Fog" couldn't be more properly titled, as it feels like meditating in the mountains on a cloud. The art is what first grabbed my attention, and the instrumentals kept me around for more. While an EP is on the horizon, you can stream the five songs in Dwyer's spotlight (all of which include 'EP Soon') and give yourself an EP of sorts while you wait.