Production gurus

DJ Burn One

and The Five

Points Bakery

return in true form

with the thirteen

song project

Land of a Million Cords.

The gang made up

of Burn One, Go! Ricky Go,

Walt Live, and Anna Valena

have so many

cohesive and signature

projects; this is

yet another quality

gem to add

to the expansive pile.

It's abstract, it's ambient,

it's layered psychedelia,

and yet it's all deeply

shrouded in hip-hop.

The 43 minute album

is a head trip, a body high,

a meditative vision quest

without samples,

without a map.

It's easy to get lost,

so carry a torch

and you'll find your way

with help from Burn One

and his crew of wildly

creative Atlantis residents.

Did I mention

they have a band

that just released

a single as well?