Cred:  Geoff Dyer

Cred: Geoff Dyer

I SoundCloud surf better than most folks walk down the street. As a result of constant maneuvering through the audible waves of the internet over the course of the last week or so, I've compiled ten essential tracks that are not to be missed. Do not sleep, unless you feel like closing your eyes after hitting play: most of these tracks are muy tranquilo

It's also worth noting how the painting and the banner (at the top) are of Recherche Bay in Tasmania, a beach recently added to my list of places to visit.

Simon Eng & Duendita – “Another Time”

It's been over two weeks since this song was released and I can't stop listening. Producer Simon Eng and vocalist Duendita craft a proper collaboration with "Another Time". I don't comment on SoundCloud very often, but at two minutes in, I felt it necessary to type “wowww.”

Barnes Blvd. - “Bubblegum” (Feat. Clairo)

I've been listening to a bunch of Barnes Blvd. as of late. From his recent collaboration with Olivia Prado called “Lovers Lullaby” (so good) to his instrumentals “Water” and “You and I”, perhaps his most notable (that I haven't covered) is the mellow track “Bubblegum” with vocalist Clairo. Spin it thrice.

Mulatto - “Argentinian Peso” (Viktor Vaughn Rework)

When I first pressed play on this reworking by Chicago producer Mulatto, I expected it to be a harsh contrast from the modern classical album I had just finished. Quite the contrary as the piano-driven remix transitioned quite nicely. “Argentinian Peso” features a “Dead Presidents” flip and fits properly inside Mulatto's portfolio.

Quickly, Quickly - “Ghost”

If you open with a Ghostface vocal bit, I'm going to be instantly hooked. Such is the case for new track “Ghost” by producer Quickly, Quickly, who slows it down a bit for this smooth number.

Maxwell Young - “Organic [Rough]”

Musician Maxwell Young offers up a 'rough' new track that he wrote, produced, and performed. The song is called “Organic” and is a soothing track, one he released to cheer up himself and his listeners. Objective achieved. What a beaut.

Melo Makes Music - “Sleepless” (Prod. Martin $ky)

Melo Makes Music is now four for four with his last releases, all of which have production handled by fellow Chicagoan Martin $ky. His newest offering is “Sleepless” and features Taylor Bennett, the two of whom are touring together for the next couple of weeks. Whether a proper project is around the corner or not, these singles from Melo have been hitting the spot.

Epicure and Joe Nora - “Water” (Sunni Colon Flip)

Joe Nora paid a visit to Kalamazoo the other week where he worked on a Sunni Colon flip with fellow producer Epicure. The result is a heater that clocks in under two minutes. Spin it back and blow out your speakers.

Yomi - “Relief” (Co-Prod. Martin $ky)

As harpist/producer/singer Yomi prepares to release her upcoming mixtape, she lets loose the instrumental “Relief” with a little help from Martin $ky. It's a relaxed track, one fitting for these rainy days. Shouts to Martin for being on this list twice.

Jojo Abot x Michael Anthony x Sean Deaux - “Nye Susu” (Rework)

A THEMpeople reworking is always a beautiful thing, and mastermind Michael Anthony does exactly that with “Nye Susu”. He enlists Sean Deaux for the ride and the end result is a hazy daydream you never want to see fade away. I'll be on Michael Anthony's SoundCloud page all weekend if you need me. 

Cehryl - “Tango for One”

Artist Cehryl is on her lone wolf for her newest offering, “Tango for One”. The guitar-driven number is about taking a break to be alone and is properly tagged here as “psychedelic tango”. I want to loop the last 30 seconds forever.