Credit:  Moebius

Credit: Moebius

Ten more tracks to help push you closer into the weekend. It's almost summer and most of these songs sure feel like it. Hammock tunes, let's call 'em. Enjoy the ten tracks below, most of which are instrumental, most of which are Midwestern, and embrace the early onsets of warmth and relaxation. As always, respect and love to the artist Moebius, posted up above both in the banner and the header.

Lidly - "Swietie"

Japanese producer Lidly has been entertaining my eardrums for multiple years, and he does so again with the new instrumental "swietie". It's a lofi, piano-driven piece that comes and goes as naturally as an afternoon nap.

Odina - "You Loved Me, You Killed Me (Barnes Blvd. Rework)

Washington producer Barnes Blvd. seems to always mesmerize by reworking acoustic lullabies. He perfectly describes his newest reworking of an Odina track by saying, "This one is sad but I had a lot of fun with it." It's hard not to close your eyes and sway along when those drums kick in.

Seneca - "(Fe)males" (Ft. Victoria Rojas)

Boston producer Seneca released a guitar heavy instrumental titled "Snow" a few months back, and now celebrated label Dustera have enhanced the track by featuring vocalist Victoria Rojas. The result is "(fe)males", a dreamy number, one perfect for this list, one perfect for reading a book, one perfect for your next daydream.

Paulie - "Once Familiar"

I'm still listening to producer Paulie's instrumental "You Went Home" from earlier this year. This week, however, the Connecticut artist enhanced his portfolio with the track "Once Familiar", a synthy number that feels like skipping rocks in the summer time. This makes sense given that he describes the track as "forgotten places from your childhood." I haven't skipped a rock in years.

tbh. - "Sinatra"

I've only been familiar with the producer tbh. for about a week. That being said, my introduction into the world of tbh. is with the new track "sinatra". Fittingly enough, the producer combines Sinatra quotes with elements of both ambient and future jazz. The atmospheric result is something that demands more than one spin. Maybe a few repeated plays while you finish that midnight cigarette.

Through & Through - "Every Summer" (w/ j'san)

Sheesh. This one makes me emotional. Producer Through & Through joined forces with j'san (both new names for me this week) to create a guitar-riddled instrumental that might make you teary-eyed if you're feeling even the least bit vulnerable. Sit outside with this one, maybe start a bonfire, and enjoy the warm weather that this song calmly brings.

lasko - "Mornings"

The homie lasko came correct with this instrumental. "Mornings" is a track both groovy and futuristic, running wild with the keys. The progression on this one is really nice, especially the breakdown at the end. He describes it as, "Woke up and made this," so be sure to enjoy this track with a morning cup of coffee. Or tea, depending on your preferences.

Chandy - "Mango"

My good friend Chandy is a freeflowing being, one who almost always has a smile on his face and something sugary in his hands/pockets. After focusing on his love for strawberries (enjoy this EP if you haven't) and kiwi, he is now focusing on yet another delightful fruit: mangoes. The revitalized track features a verse from Lord Jacob Rothschild, as the two go in over a relaxed and smoked out beat. Side note: if you mention mango lassies in a song, I'll be into it.

Human Bloom - "L'Avventura"

Chicago jazz group Human Bloom were redirected my way via Quinn Cochran (of Iris Temple), which is a name that will always get me to press play. The group recently released the fourteen song project NIGHTSHADE. While the whole release is worthy of proper digestion (it's one hell of a psyschedelic experience), the track "L'Avventura" is particularly groovy. Press play on the 1:48 track and if you like what you hear, give the whole project a spin.

Manwolves - "Roses"

Chicago group Manwolves seem to do no wrong. I covered the group the other week (along with their incredible art courtesy of Cam Collins), and now the five piece is back with the single "Roses". The horn heavy track has a hypnotic hook worthy of a lovestruck late night tweet: "You and me girl we gon' be all right." Check them out with Ajani Jones and Iris Temple around the corner on June 21.