Welcome to the twelfth segment of my podcast/broadcast/radio series Neon Broadcast. This episode showcases 43 minutes of relaxed tracks, all of which have been helping me sleep this summer. Last episode had a bit more summertime hip-hop while this one is back to our standard drowsy programming. Step inside my quiet eardrums and drift away to these eighteen pieces of music.

It's also worth noting that this is the first image I've used for Neon Broadcast that was taking in Chicago. Well, technically, it's a picture of Lake Michigan, but my feet were in Chicago when I snapped the photo. 

01. Arbour - "I Don't Need a Thing"

02. Barnes Blvd. - "Sleepy Story" [Instrumental]

03. Alaskan Tapes w/ Chantal - "Skin"

04. Borealism - "A Simple Moment" [Instrumental]

05. TSUKI - "Faint, But Still Glowing" [Instrumental]

06. RNDYSVGE - "TitleSong"

07. Joe Nora & Banks the Genius - "Sheesh" [Instrumental]

08. Mounika - "Un Soir De Mai" [Instrumental]

09. Upper Class w/ Nalim - "Ostsee" [Instrumental]

10. Oatmello - "Peaches" [Instrumental]

11. fantompower - "Tranquil Wave" [Instrumental]

12. Blu Jeen - "Shipwreck"

13. Vague003 - "I Can't Go on Without You" [Instrumental]

14. Borealism - "ARRAKIS" [Instrumental]

15. Yclept Insan - "Like Thick Fog Above Flowing Water" [Instrumental]

16. Mei w/ south.vibe - "Coexist"

17. Joe Nora & Banks the Genius - "Woaa" [Instrumental]

18. Omar Apollo - "Amor Malo"