Never enough music. Like most weeks here at, a ten song rundown showcases some of my favorite SoundCloud finds of the week. From lofi instrumentals to jazzy seven minute compositions. The songs contained within this list stretch from within Chicago to faraway lands like La Bastide De Lordat and Kalamazoo. Press play and drift away.

Josh Pan - “Unconditional Love”

“Love me, love yourself.” The new Josh Pan single is described as “a dialogue with myself.” With just a piano and his voice, the song is a mellow number found lost in a jazz bar. Given the classy cigarette vibe, it only makes sense that it's “for the next James Bond movie.”

ₖᵢₙₙᵢₖᵢₙₙᵢₖ - “Pepsi Cola”

French producer ₖᵢₙₙᵢₖᵢₙₙᵢₖ is a cowboy who released an instrumental known as “Pepsi Cola”. With a great quote about 'music from the head', the track builds nicely into a true smooth groover. I haven't heard anything else from this producer, but that will change soon.

Cherishh - “Scout”

I covered Cherishh's SoundCloud spotlight back in April, and the producer is back with the instrumental “Thinking About”. [Edit: it looks like that song was quickly removed, so here's an oldie that is still so enjoyable.]

Joe Nora - “Bonne / Off One”

New week, new Joe Nora. The producer followed up “Ghost” and “75 Degrees” with “Bonnie / Off One”. It's a quick lofi bump to hold you over while Joe prepares to release his upcoming EP, Songs About Bears.

TV Blonde - “Near//Empty”

TV Blonde's newest offering is properly titled “dirty jazz”. The seven minute piece features keys galore as well as plenty of guest strings and saxophones. Visit TV Blonde's page and lose your way for a few days. I covered his Changes EP from late last year, and this new progressive track is a nice accompanying piece.

Shrimpnose - “The Thread Between Us [Pt. 1 & 2]”

Shrimpnose's instrumental "The Thread Between Us" is a 65 second daydream. It's smooth yet glitched out. Something stuck up in the clouds. Part 2 of this instrumental series was released yesterday, featuring an Eternal Sunshine vocal clip. If you live in the Minneapolis area, be sure to check out Shrimp's upcoming beat battle on May 16 alongside producer Nohidea and producer/collage god Phib.

Jonathan - “I Have Trouble Sleeping”

Jonathan's first release of 2017 is a lofi bump explaining his insomnia. It's a piano-driven instrumental that had me going back and revisiting his past two tracks available on his SoundCloud: last year's “My Grades Are Bad” and “Cloudy Day”. Hopefully it's not another seven months before hearing more from this talented beatsmith.

oddCouple - “See the Sun”

The Closed Sessions producer is back in preparation for a summer of sunshine. Offering up a three-and-a-half minute smooth number, oddCouple's instrumental properly prepares the world for his summer rundown: Mamby on the Beach, Summerfest, and a Pitchfork After Party. Right on.

Alone Time - “Is This What Happiness Feels Like?”

Michigan producer is back with a batch of smiles. The new instrumental is his first upload without a black background, as he appears to be happier than normal. The song comes complete with a Freaks & Geeks vocal sample. Too smooth.

Jackson Lundy – “Calypso” [Prod. Viklund]

My roommate Jaro put me on to this song and I haven't stopped listening. It'll sound even better once Chicago warms up and the sun returns. The track is a jazzy, soulful number full of horns and great piano work courtesy of Noah Viklund. New York artist Jackson Lundy flows so nicely over this production. Press play and be on that happy shit.