via Olivier

via Olivier

It's been a few months since I've compiled ten tracks at once into an article of bullet point clumps. Now that April has arrived and the first quarter of the year is over, I've decided to compile some recent loose singles worthy of discussion, worthy of wordy and hurried rambunctious verbs that praise percussion. Six instrumentals and four with vocals. Do enjoy.

Rachel Faith - “DFM”

Chicago singer Rachel Faith released her first song in a year in the form of “DFM” (Dance for Me”). Produced by Elias Abid and recorded by BoatHouse (so you know it's a winner), "DFM" feels like an atmospheric R&B track quaking through the streets, stuck in slow motion yet powerful as hell.

Bemos w/ Victor! - “Burb”

Two songs in one is always the move. Producer/vocalist Bemos linked with Chicagoan Victor! for the 2-for-1 track, one that slows down from an electrified anthem and flips into a guitar-driven ballad. Spin this back and check out more from both of these talented artists.

WTCHCRFT - “Je T'aime A Mourir”

Last month, producer WTCHCRFT launched a wild instrumental that somehow maintains tranquility despite having about 20 layers of varying degrees of electronica. With the French title translating to “I Love to Die” and the artwork adding to the headtrip (courtesy of puffdaughter), it's one to include with your next DJ set in your bedroom all alone.

Joe Nora - “missst”

Shortly after releasing his aquatic and relaxed 10:00 EP via [neonpajamas] Records, producer Joe Nora returns with the smooth track “missst.” Like riding down the coast in search of a waterfall or some hot springs. The title couldn't be more fitting.

Pac Div - “First Baptist”

It's been a minute since we've heard from the Cali rap group Pac Div. Thankfully, they return in true form with “First Baptist”, a bar-heavy tongue-twisting posse cut with legendary producer Alexander Spit providing the soulful backdrop. Spin this one back and instantly feel like it's Sunday morning again.

Monte Booker - “23”

Last week, Chicago producer Monte Booker turned 23 and let loose an instrumental in commemoration. The vibrant track bounces through your eardrums, demands some good headphones, and sounds exactly like a celebration. Loop this when you run out of coffee.

Fla.mingo - “Hope This Helps”

When has Fla.mingo ever let us down? Pressing play on one of his tracks is guaranteed enjoyment. After releasing plenty already this year, he closed out the month of March with the relaxed yet layered track “Hope This Helps.” It's a beautiful journey.

ZenZan - “Acapulco Gold” // “Play Boy”

iPad producer ZenZan made two instrumentals for Curren$y and let them loose on his SoundCloud a few months back. They somehow slipped under my radar until now. Thankfully, the duo of beats are perfect for the welcoming of spring and the warm weather ahead. Press play and birth sunshine.

Alone Time - “These Leaves...”

The Michigan-based producer and illustrator Alone Time released a stunning instrumental “These Leaves...” which blends electronica with future bass with dance floor energy. It's a bit more lively than some of his previous releases, but a fitting one to play as you trek out into the night, en route to a concert or a house party or just a late night drive.

Sean Deaux w/ Jayaire Woods - “Iceberg Slim”

New Sean Deaux is always appreciated and enjoyed. After assisting on Mick Jenkins' newest EP, DoVa comes through with the hazy track “Iceberg Slim”. Featuring Jayaire Woods and with production from THEMpeople, “you could say it's a gang thing.”