It's been quite some time since I've done a ten song write-up, but enough great music has been released in the last few days that it's necessary. My brain suggests it. My heart demands it. Oddly enough, only 50% of this list is instrumental, as opposed to the standard 70-80%. I guess I prefer hearing words in the winter. Here we go.

Sen Morimoto - "My First Ghost"

"I just met my first ghost out in Memphis. It was so polite." Chicago multi-instrumentalist and creative Sen Morimoto released a jazzy, psychedelic track "My First Ghost". If most songs demands two listens, this one demands twelve. Such a sweeping enchantment.

Oatmello - "Home" w/ Duendita

Okay, so I JUST wrote about Oatmello, and yet here he is again, giving me more reasons to cover his art. His recent single, "Home", is a 90 second heater complete with chopped (unreleased) vocals frmo singer Duendita. The result is a daydream you want to loop forever.

Joe Nora - "Baaf"

It's an unwritten rule that if I write a ten song roundup, I have to include something from Joe Nora. A few days back he dropped the quick bump "Baaf" which sounds about as aquatic as an instrumental can sound. Loop it into eternity.

Joey Pecoraro - "Ask for Love"

Since releasing his stellar album, Tired Boy, at the beginning of this year, Joey Pecoraro has released a stream of cinematic daydream singles, like "Naps" and "The Sea" and 'Here We Are Again." Now, he is back for yet another instrumental full of vocal snags from a different decade. Just like the artwork, these singles all maintain impressive cohesion.

Elton, Bedows, & Burns Twins - "Combo #5"

Keep an eye/ear out for all of those involved in this track. The Chicago collaborative track is fresh off of the helps of Burns Twins past two singles which featured theMIND and Omar Apollo. Now they are back with frequent collaborator Bedows with vocal assistance from Elton. The artwork is simply icing on the quality cake.

Naji - "Might Just" (Prod. Krs. & Kingbnjmn)

I am a Naji fanboy. That's all there is to it. The talented vocalist/producer unleashed an emotional banger via Soulection with production from Krs. and Kingbnjmn. It's a Film Noir affair, one that should be played the next time you're trying to swoon someone you adore.

Iris Temple - "Ashes"

My favorite Chicago group is back for more with the single "Ashes". After "Venus" was stuck in my head all fall, and after their Vistas EP was on loop all summer, this track comes just in time for the cold. If you're about it, catch the duo on U.S. tour with Xavier Omar. This might be my favorite song by them, but it's too early to tell.

Alone Time - "Hopeless"

After helping out on our Sleep series, and after assisting fellow producer Sesh with the single "Home Movies", producer Alone Time is back with the solo track "Hopeless." It's a three minute synth battling with rainfall and bass. If you press play, you will most assuredly feel things.

Late June - "Hurt"

Shortly after I spoke with Late June at the end of November, he released the moving instrumental "Hurt." Fitting with his signature style, the emotional and cinematic piece is yet another one to play late at night when your eyes begin to feel heavier and heavier.

TedLK - "Move City"

TedLK is the most slept on artist on this list. The multi-instrumentalist uses only live sounds for his pieces, and his newest ambient number "Move City" is no different. This track was released shortly before his move to Chicago. Fitting title. This song is a fine follow-up to his introductory EP TLK.