Artwork:  You and Neru

Artwork: You and Neru

This man Jaro

recently started a full-time

web development job

and still has time

to craft hot beats.

After releasing

“Four in Da Mornin”

and “For Her”

earlier this year

(as well as “On Baby”

with Joe Nora

and Leslie Marie),

the Chicago producer

comes through

with “Paradiso”.

It's a subtle nod

to Dante's The Divine Comedy

which begins with hell (Inferno),

then purgatory (Purgatorio),

and eventually Heaven (Paradiso).

A paradise indeed.

Halfway through,

an old XXL freestyle

from Chance The Rapper

makes a fine appearance.

Look out for something

else from Jaro

later this month,

once he finishes

running six miles

after a full work of day.