Too many songs flood my SoundCloud feed every day that it's hard to keep up with all of the musical heat. As a result, here is a rundown of ten tracks that demand some replay value. Some are new, some are old. Ten songs I stumbled upon in the late night hours of SoundCloud surfing. A dangerous and riveting endeavor indeed.

Slurm! - “Slush”

A song from eight months ago that recently found its way on my SoundCloud feed. I think Atlas reposted it? Regardless, it's a two minute date to a drive-in movie theater. Poppy and smooth. Released through Black Lungs Music.

f a l s e v a c a n c y – "broken // down"

Something off of the duo's upcoming album. The song demands headphones. It demands complete silence. Listen closely. Turn up the volume or else you won't even hear the subtle drums. This is a rewarding listen.

Solipsis - “I Could See You and You Were Smiling”

Another ambient number to soothe our spirits. This three minute journey is full of pianos and sci-fi synths that line up nicely next to some guitar chords. As the description promises, this song had me “in my head.”

Alone Time - “Downer”

Michigan producer Alone Time was covered on the blog earlier this year, and his newest single, “Downer”, sounds unlike anything within that article. It's more haunted, bass-driven, and evil as hell. Something for a late night cruise.

Nick Hakim - “Bet She Looks Like You”

More coverage of Nick Hakim once he releases his debut album on May 19. Until then, find me looping this track “Bet She Looks Like You”, which reminds me of The Black Keys meshed with Alabama Shakes. I know musicians hate comparisons. Sorry, Nick. This song rules.

Chants - “Porch Song 1AM”

Yes, it's three years old. Yes, you need to listen to it right now. Chants' ambient guitar track is one that never gets old. It came up recently on SoundCloud shuffle and I was taken aback by how timeless it sounds. What a tune. Be sure to check out more on Chants' page; he's done a bunch in the last few years.

Sage Nebulous - “Where Rainbows Never Die”

Chicago space cadet Sage Nebulous recently crafted some 'ambient trap' in the form of “Where Rainbows Never Die”. It's a soothing listen, one full of bass, one thus turning it into a certified “emotional banger.”

Mellow Fellow x Clairo - “How Was Your Day?”

I've been covering Mellow Fellow rather heavily as of late, but I continue to find more songs worthy of publication/praise. The song “How Was Your Day?” with female singer Clairo is another example of Mellow Fellow's lofi, surf rock bliss.

Box Dreams - “Intro (Santa Barbara)”

Another song that came up on SoundCloud shuffle is Box Dream's "Intro". It quickly caught my eye because I recognized the artist behind the artwork: Jonathan Mai. The song is a guitar-driven beach trip to a hammock in the clouds. It's a sunshine single from the Long Beach artist.

EASTGHOST - “Flint Hills”

We shall end this article by revisiting EASTGHOST's experimental and forward-thinking album Omniscent, They. The project was a dense and layered experience, and one of the songs that I find myself returning to is “Flint Hills”, which might even fit nicely within his Light At the End release. Mellow EASTGHOST is my favorite EASTGHOST. But also this kind of EASTGHOST is my favorite EASTGHOST.