Find me another blog

that talks about Chicago

hip-hop as well as

children's films.

Yes, I recently watched

the animated film Storks.

Yes, I found it adorable.

Featuring voices

by Andy Samberg, Kelsey Grammer,

and Key and Peele,

the silly comedy held my attention

for the 100 minutes,

despite not being

a life-changing experience.

The jokes work often,

and the animation is impressive,

but I wasn't left dazzled,

nor was I left teary-eyed:

the two things

I often get out of animated films.

That being said,

it's better than Angry Birds,

and I recently recommended Storks

to my three-year-old niece.

I bet she will love it.

Once she (finally, maybe, never)

gets tired of Frozen.

It's worth noting

how the supporting character

Pigeon Toady

completely steals the show.

You can view

some of his finest

moments below.