Is it time for ten more songs? Looks like it. Here are a couple less than a dozen tracks that have been recently released, all of which are worthy of pressing play. Some (most) are instrumental in style, while others feature riveting hooks and memorable bars. Don't sleep. Or do. In fact, press play and close your eyes.

Beach Jesus - “Cosmic Walker”

A Beach Jesus track was released from the vaults the other day and it's definitely worth your while. Despite being one-take verses, both Chandy and Jommis go in over the bass-heavy production from Jaro with some help from Don Shining. Long live the Beach.

Ted LK - “Darknice”

The New York-based multi-instrumentalist Ted LK has been launching organic field recording creations in the form of abstract and ambient productions. Given the title and the artwork, this song feels like a back alley stroll in the moonlight. A trash can fire not too far away.

Shi La Rosa - “Salty Tracks” [Prod. Sink Slow]

I covered this on my recent episode of Neon Broadcast, but it's worth mentioning again. The track came out at the end of last year with singer Shi La Rosa singing smoothly over Sink Slow production. Both represent Chicago properly. This one is perfect for rainfall.

Doug Shotwell - “Straw Hat”

This roundup usually features recently released songs, but that is not the case for Doug Shotwell's two year old song “Straw Hat”. I just recently listened to it for the first time, so it's new to me, and it still holds up as a stripped down blues bar that you never want to leave. That bass line! If you need something more recent from Shotwell, be sure to check out his Sofar Sounds video.

Remington Iron - “teacloud”

Last month, producer Reminton Iron released a relaxing instrumental number known as “teacloud”. It's a candidate for the best instrumental song title of the year. This song demands about 10x more plays. And then some.

Elton Aura - “Wants/Needs”

At 5:50 in the morning, Chicago artist Elton Aura created a 'vibe' on Garageband known as “Wants/Needs”. The two-and-a-half minute track is a quick groover to hold us over until the talented artist releases more fire down the road.

Alone Time - “Potion”

Last week, the Michigan producer Alone Time released the soothing number “Potion”. It is an instrumental that progresses so damn nicely, eventually turning into an energized batch of insomnia, one you never want to end.

Yomi - “Slow and Steady”

Yomi sets off yet another hot track. With harp and trombone being used to create a dreamlike world inside Yomi's relaxed reality, it makes for yet another tasty offering to further anticipate her upcoming mixtape.

Joe Nora – “75 Degrees”

Producer Joe Nora has been on a rampage! With a song on almost every rundown that I have done, the multi-faceted producer gives us a lofi bump that takes place in a world where it's 75 degrees. Not Chicago, that's for damn sure. Press play and enjoy some sunshine.

Clairo - “2 Hold U”

Boston artist Clairo crafted yet another lovely number known as “2 Hold U”. Demanding that all listeners “send this 2 ur crush”, the song is a lovesick lullaby, one perfect for both the nighttime and during a quiet daydream.