I'm trying my best to SoundCloud surf, but it seems that more and more music is being released with no sign of a slow down. I'm not complaining, just trying to keep up. Now that it's warm, the releases that were cooked up in the winter are finally seeing the light of day, so without further ado, here are ten tracks you need for your Hump Day.

Note: The photo above (and the banner) were both taken by me with a disposable camera courtesy of Diary of Disposables

Fla.mingo - "Understanding"

Another loose delight from producer Fla.mingo, who impressed with early 2017 EP Deep Sleeper. His newest piece contains a simple message that reads "soon". Something bigger? Hmmm.

a l e x - "Dropped My Cassette Tape in the Bath Tub"

Another new instrumental from a l e x (aka Alicks), who is preparing to release his album on cassette sooner than later. He's put a batch of tracks on his account in the last couple of weeks and this song might be the finest of the four. Write some sad poetry to this one. 

Sleepy T - "forestnoise"

San Francisco rapper/producer Tate Robertson recently released a side project known as Sleepy T where he experiments with relaxed production. The first offering is "forestnoise" which is about as ambient as the title might suggest. In the same week, he released a song produced by Joe Nora called "back2". 

Naji - "Let's Play"

New Naji is always a delight. He recently played around with an interactive piano app (I have no idea), and released this 'just for fun' loosie. It's obviously a heater. P.S. I haven't stopped listening to "10 Cubed". 

Nohidea. - "Thirteen." (Co-Prod. Idealism)

Shortly after releasing his debut Home Movies LP (which he spoke on right here), producer nohidea. linked with idealism for the relaxed loose single "Thirteen", which will be on an upcoming EP known as Blank Space. Fall asleep properly to this one.

Atlas - "IT HAPPENS // DIRT"

The other night, Indiana rapper Atlas released a two part track. The bulk is produced by Flavors and Sumwun, with the last minute produced by Atlas. Expand the song description and read along to the lyrics if you're a real one. Switching it up entirely, Atlas also dropped a garage rock song last night called "San Diego".

musu.b - "Waves"

musu.b is a side account for producer Trashton and the new song "Waves" sounds like bringing some bass to the beach. It's something a rapper needs to rhyme over in order to properly craft it as a cloud rap track. Main Attrakionz would be perfect for this. Fire. Fire. Fire. 

Oatmello - "Paradise"

Yet another striking and soothing instrumental from producer Oatmello called "Paradise". Ink legend Work The Angle was crafting some art to it yesterday. Beauty inspires beauty. 

Joe Nora - "Ghost"

Something lofi and relaxing from producer Joe Nora, who has been churning out nothing but heat as of late. Don't sleep on the Chicago (by way of San Francisco) producer. I feature something of his almost every week and from what I've been told, there's plenty more on the way.

Borealism - "Sundial"

Borealism continues to impress as he travels down Ambient Avenue, taking us all for an emotional journey that ultimately ends with bliss. As always, the art comes courtesy of the goat Moebius.