What a wonderful collection

of impressive art!

Designed and edited

by Siobhan Gallagher

(who opens

and closes

the issue),

the 40 page

art compilation

is jam packed

with eclectic art

sure to dazzle

your pupils

during your next

lunch break.

Here you can find


(Eleni Kalorkoti

and Jesse Jacobs),

original one-off

illustrations (Molly Mendoza

and Mark Beyer),

and insightful

four-panel comics

(Benjamin Urkowitz),

and that's barely

scratching the surface.

It is an anthology

full of creativity,

originality, and imagination.

All things the world

(and myself inside of it)

can never get enough of.

Grab it for $15 right here.

Art: Juliet Phillips 

Art: Juliet Phillips