Collage artist

Jessica Earhart

has gone above

and beyond

the typical collage


Moving past

postcards and original

prints, she has

created her own

comic using

nothing but collage art.

The first issue

of Khloris

was released in 2016,

with a follow-up

premiering this year

at Chicago Zine Fest.

To use her own words,

Khloris is a sassy lady,

but also a goddess. She

could care less about

maintaining order. Khloris

just wants to create beauty

with her powers. That's it.

Crafting 'surreal narratives',

the comic zine

shows Khloris

going all Pleasantville

on the world,

turning all things

black and white

into vibrant colors

smelling heavily

of the finest floral patterns.

Now I need to grab

issue two.