Rap writers pennin’ folklore

Back in May,

Dallas artist

Lord Byron

released the thirteen

song album

We Kill Cowboys,

So Death Rides a Horse,

quickly making it

one of the greatest

album titles of the year.


and full of space cadet


that blends with street struggles

and wise cracking lines,

it's a Texas experience

from start to finish.

Ben Hixon

(of THEMpeople notoriety)

handles production

on a third of the album,

while also mixing

and mastering it all.

Familiar names like Jon Bap

and Fiji God

(aka Gionna Lee)

also lend

production assistance.

It's a Dolfin Records affair,

one to spin

with the windows down

all summer long.

It's worth noting

Bryon references both

Dostoyevsky and Barton Fink

within the first three songs.

Hard body.