The fine folks

over at Oakland-based

creative hub

Dusty Intl

have been churning out

heat as of late.

Most recently,

I received two new zines

from their camp,

one of which focuses

on illustrations

while the other

hones in on


First is Rock Riders

by Jeremiah Durian-Williams,

a black and white

illustrative collection

showcasing motorcycle bandits,

Predators, cavemen,

strippers, wrestlers,

and more. You can grab

a copy right here.

Next up is Oakland Shadows,

a photography zine

by Jeffrey Chery.

Splitting between color

and black and white,

his photographs

cover the Bay Area

with style, each photo

telling a story, many of which

feel old fashioned,

trapped in the past.

You can grab the collection

right here

and look out for much

more from Dusty

later this year.