Vinyl mixtapes, you say?

The inventive company

Vinyl Moon

offers a subscription-based

record service

where curated 'mixtapes'

of ten songs a month

arrive at your door,

pressed in the finest vinyl

you'll find around.

With unique and new

musicians scattered

throughout the ten song

releases, they are also

showcased by collaborative

visual artists.

Many impressive creations

have seen the light

of day in the 20 issues

since launching

the unique brand,

but the most recent


is the one that grabbed

my full attention.

With original art

from Molly Mendoza

(who has been featured

here in the past),

the fold-out booklet

comes complete

with a 20 page comic

called Philae

and plenty of cosmic

fold-outs to browse

as you discover

some new names

through your speakers.

Vinyl Moon:

the only thing I'm asking

for on December 25.