bello is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Bay. knowsthetime is a based musician hailing from Milwaukee, WI. The two formed a friendship over the classic American Tragedy that is Wale.

Multimedia artist bello

is preparing to release

a short film / visual chapbook

known as Baraha

"that followers her relationship

with her family,

her language,

and belonging

as a hyphenated identity." 

Baraha is an eclectic package

that not only hones in

on the poetic work of bello,

but also includes

an original music score

by knowsthetime and Goxen. 

Today sees the official

premiere of a few

of the elements

from the complete Baraha launch.

1.) The song entitled "Rewind"

produced by knowsthetime

that encapsulates both song

and spoken word by bello,

2.) The official Baraha zine

to accompany the film.

The zine includes

unreleased original poems

not featured in the video.

While the film will be out

right around the corner,

you can now stream

the original song above

and check out the pre-order

link for the zine

(as well as a gallery)

down below.