If you are constantly fearful
you will not enjoy your
clean dress

At the top of this year,

I saw Milwaukee-based artist

Alexander Kollman

aka s.al aka Safari Al

perform at a poetry

reading in Chicago.

Playing beats he had made

(specifically for the reading)

through an old tape player,

he read from pages

of the recently released

Silt Rifle:

his first exclusive


multimedia creation

through Patreon.

On the site,

subscribers directly receive

original material

in the form of zines and cassettes.

While Silt Rifle's first edition,

Stone School,

was released months ago,

it is now available

for all non-Patreon users

via Bandcamp.

You can listen

to the double-sided

32 minute reading

(over original production)

as well as purchase cassettes,

shirts, and jewelry.

While you're at it,

you can enjoy a video

of s.al in his poetic element,

complete with Blues Clues-esque

illustrations by Carol Brandt.