Portland based artist

Theo Ellsworth

released a graphic novel

in 2015

called Capacity.

I happened to grab

it by chance

at my library

and entered quickly

into a dream realm

(although non-fiction)

lost deep

in an intricate forest.

Ellsworth's work has drawn

comparisons to

Where The Wild Things Are,

if that dimension

happened to be

on multiple gulps

of mescaline juice.

Intricate and magical,

each piece is one step

further away from reality,

despite the content

being autobiographical.

Following Capacity,

I happened to see

a zine at Quimby's

called Imaginary Homework

that I had to grab.

You can pick it up

yourself at Ellsworth's

Etsy store, where he sells

zines, prints, and books.

He calls his world the

Thought Cloud Factory

and it's a world

worth exploring.

I've gathered

some of my favorite

images on the site

for a gallery below.