...a play on words for the phrase ‘God Bless Our Home,’ then becomes less focused on religion, but more on women acting as Goddesses to uphold the home.
— Runsy

Chicago multimedia artist

Runsy has crafted

a deeply moving

and autobiographical

zine known as

Que Las Diosas Bendigan

a Nuestro Hogar.


The free PDF

provides illustrations,

photography, and poetic

testimonies to the lives

of her three cousins

as well as to

the power

of a strong

motherly figure

helping them through

trials, tribulations,

and tragedy.

It's a captivating project,

one clearly close to

Runsy's heart,

and one that helps

to shine a light

on her life

as well as the life

of the strong women

that hold the foundation

as necessary figures

"in the life of a person

of color growing up

in the streets of Chicago."

Grab the zine

right here.