Cover:  Greta Cotz

Cover: Greta Cotz

It's been a while

since I covered


literary magazine

Paper Darts.

From literature

to visual arts,

the stunning pub

offers plenty

of entertainment

to get you through

your cubicle shift

without Netflix.

Based out of Minnesota,

their most recent

hard copy is

their colorfully bound

Volume Six.

Arriving at my door

in stunning peach and blue print,

the whole collection

impresses, but perhaps

my favorite short

story in the bunch

is “The Bearded Lady

by Jess Zimmerman.

It won the 2016 Paper Darts

Short Fiction Award

and celebrates a bearded

celebrity who has reached

a Kardashian-esque status.

Along with a mini

lit mag, it also contains

an even smaller

art zine. Both can fit

in your back pants pocket.

Additionally, if you fancy

yourself a writer,

Paper Darts is currently

having a microfiction

contest on the topic

of Separation.

Judged by Lesley

Nneka Arimah

complete with a cash prize.

You have until Sept. 1

to submit something

200 words or less.