comic book writer

and illustrator

Pranas T. Naujokaitis

had an impressive

table set up

at Chicago Zine Fest.

He had numerous

items on display,

including his new

presidential comic


I was most drawn towards

the mini comics

Monster Town.

Made up of three booklets

inside a monster holder,

the third volume showcases

Carl the Grump,

Dustin the Collector,

and Amy the Baker.

Does anyone learn

their lessons in these stories?

Maybe, but probably not.

They're a blast to read

and full of humor

and fast-paced storytelling.

Now I just need

to grab volumes 1 & 2

and continue paying

visits to Monster Town.

You can view more

from Ghost Car Press here,

where Naujokaitis also

publishes Adventure Time comics

that he writes.