This is my third segment of the monthly Neon Broadcast on the new [neonpajamas] platform. Acting as a continuation (sonically and chronologically) to Part 1 and Part 2, this new edition, 'Repeating Blue', is equally as relaxed. Just like the artwork provided, all of these songs were chosen as a result of a recent trip to Belize. I apparently stray away from hip-hop and high energy when I'm napping on the beach. Without further ramble, enjoy the 39 minute broadcast below and check out the tracklisting which includes hyperlinks to the properly credited songs.

Until next time. 

01. Kings of Convenience - "24-25"


02. Portishead - "Deep Water"

03. Leslie Marie - "Ruby"

04. Clementine - "Quiet Interlude"

05. Adrian Younge - "Laura's Dream" [Instrumental]

06. Harris Cole - "Louie's Lullaby" [Instrumental]


07. Wild Child - "Oklahoma" [Snippet]

08. Monte Booker & Naji - "Mona Lisa" [Snippet]

09. John Frusciante - "Repeating" [Snippet]

10. Eastghost - "Blue Mountain Heartland"

11. JJ - "My Name"

12. Whitney - "Southern Nights"


13. The Walters - "Life"

14. Alexis Taylor - "-"

15. Oliver - "Green Frog" [Instrumental]

16. Moby - "At Least We Tried"


17. The Shirelles - "It's Love That Really Counts"