I recently downloaded

the Cartoon Network app

on my iPad

and I've been

on cloud nine

before bed every night.

While I have

a great deal more

to cover, and while

some shows I've already

seen and won't mention

(shout-out Steven Universe

and Adventure Time)

I'll talk about three shows:

two that are new

and the other that

is new just to me.

Summer Camp Island

This show is the

new brain child

of Julia Pott,

the second female

showrunner on Cartoon Network,

(following Steven Universe).

The 20 episode show

consists of an island

where anything can happen

 at summer camp.

Highlights include

a tree of convenience,

counselor witches,

yetis, talking pajamas,

and haunted libraries.

I found out about

this show through

animation designer

Jesse Balmer,

whose art is next level,

and Charlyne Yi,

who is the voice

of Alice (and others)

on the show.

Two co-signs.

Watch every episode.

Craig of the Creek

This show is exactly what

I've been looking for

since I finished

watching Gravity Falls.

Craig of the Creek

is equal parts adventure,

clever jokes,

and endless energy.

To watch 11 minutes

of Craig of the Creek

is to drink three

pots of coffee,

win in Laser Tag,

and get straight A's.

I'm forever grateful

that this show has been

picked up for a second

season in 2019.

Uncle Grandpa

This is the third show

I've watched

on my Cartoon Network

app, and certainly

the most twisted.

Maybe it's my age

range, but it reminds

me very much of

Ren and Stimpy.

The more I watch,

the more I enjoy

the playful psychosis.

What a blast.

I love all of the characters.

Unlike Craig of the Creek

and Summer Camp Island,

both of which only have

one season to watch,

Uncle Grandpa has five seasons.

I have plenty of mayhem ahead.

What show should I watch next?

Gumball? We Bare Bears?

Clarence? Apple & Onion?

Regular Show?