Over at the Chicago-based music (and news) site TheseDays, I developed a radio segment known as Neon Nightlights. Over the course of twenty two broadcasts, I became better at crafting succinct episodes, improving not only on my GarageBand editing skills but also on my own voice. While this newest development (known simply now as Neon Broadcast) is very similar to my previous efforts (which you can find here), this marks new territory for my broadcast efforts. For now, Neon Broadcast will be a monthly segment, but I might pick it up (or slow it down) depending on where this new website takes me. I'm really pleased with the eclectic yet relaxed tracklisting for this debut segment. As you will come to learn, I always feature artist Alicks (or a l e x) as my background music while I talk. Enjoy the first edition down below. 

01. Nellie McKay - "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying"


02. CocoRosie - "Sunshine"

03. Mulherin - "Leagues"

04. Electric Wire Hustle - "The Border"


05. Moon Man & Benjamin - "Grace"

06. bleeklino w/ Pryka - "Empty" [Prod. Joey Pecoraro]

07. Tobias w/ bleeklino - "S. Paulina St."


08. Damon Albarn - "On Melancholy Hill" (Gorillaz Acoustic)

09. Labi Siffre - "Bless the Telephone" [Hot Sugar Edit]

10. david & alex - "Pluviophile" [Instrumental]

11. Greaf - "The Silence That Lives in Houses" [Instrumental]


12. Qari - "Pants From Japan" [Snippet] [Prod. Mulatto]

13. Jasper MacRae w/ elton aura - "Currently Speaking"

14. Leaf Set w/ Catherine Poulos, MDMC, Blake Davis - "Go to the Sea"