This is my fourth segment of the monthly Neon Broadcast on the new [neonpajamas] platform. Picking up where Part 3 left off, this new edition, 'Stay Here, Far Away', is more of that ambient/instrumental style you've come to expect from these episodes. Just like the desolate artwork which was taken in the depths of the Mohave Desert, these songs acted as part of a recent trip I took out West. Lofi, acoustic, and perfect for bedtime, the sixteen songs work in the desert or in the winter breeze of Chicago. Without further ado, enjoy the 46 minute broadcast below and check out the tracklisting which includes hyperlinks to the properly credited songs.

Until next time. 

01. Rhoda - "Stay Here" [Instrumental]


02. Fla.mingo - "Please//Intro" [Instrumental]

03. Mt. Marcy - "Talking to You" [Instrumental]

04. swimgoodnow - "Out One Night"


05. Gabriel Garzon-Montano - "Cantiga"

06. Alex Szotak - "What Little Time"

07. Cuddle Formation - "for ppl who make music instead of dreaming at night" [Instrumental]

08. Fantompower - "Unknown Title" [Instrumental]

09. Oliver - "Green Frog" [Instrumental]


10. Mellow Fellow - "Tired"

11. Tom Day - "Somewhere in October" [Instrumental]

12. Johnny Goth - "Far Away"

13. Nik Soni - "Forest"


14. Sesh - "Bubs" [Instrumental]

15. Harris Cole - "Goodbye" [Instrumental]

16. Friendzone - "Chuch" [Instrumental]