To the whole heap

of listeners

who first heard

about Chicago rapper

Valee following

his G.O.O.D Music

EP, Good Job,

You Found Me:

Valee has been

steadily releasing

heat for over two years.

Sprinkled throughout

his past discography

is perhaps the finest

formula in hip-hop

right now:

Valee and Chasethemoney.

The Chicago rapper and

St. Louis producer team

have achieved plenty

together, including

an entire project

known properly as VTM.

This is a nice sibling

to ZTM between ZMoney

and Chasethemoney (yes,

Valee is on two of the tracks).

Along with VTM,

whch is a compilation of sorts,

Chasethemoney and Valee

started turning heads

back to 2016 after the two

let loose tracks like

“I Got Whatever”

and “Shell”

and “VTL”

along with a plethora

of other tracks.

Loose singles aside,

prior to the G.O.O.D.

Music EP,

Valee released

numerous mixtapes.

The most recent

was last year's 1988

which featured three

beats from CTM and four

from Valee himself.

Before 1988,

Valee had an ongoing

mixtape series centered around time:

12:12, 1:11, 2:22,

and 12:12 Again!

All of these projects

feature production

from Chasethemomoney,

many of which are compiled

into VTM, but plenty

others are still

left to find.

Blast Valee's SoundCloud

discography today

and find yourself

bouncing around the house,

double parking

at Five Guys,

cleaning the kitchen

for no reason, vacuuming

the walls and counting

the money hiding

in your ceiling tiles,

forever plotting

your next bank heist.