Just weeks after

Borealism released

the 10:00 minute EP

via [neonpajamas],

he came through

with the full-length

album, Dvale.

The album's title

is Norwegian for

'Hibernate', which is

so damn fitting

for this 32 minute LP.

Fifteen tracks

of Borealism's

signature atmospheric

instrumental bliss,

ranging from ambient

to dense downtempo

electronica. Give it up

ten times for one

of the finest

doing it right now.

This album is a testament

to Borealism's prowess.

And yes, because

I feel like speaking

and sharing even more

Borealism, it's necessary

to include the five

song ambient playlist below,

which features another

twelve minutes

of Borealism's greats,

some of which are found

on Dvale.