via  Borealism

After releasing

a 10 minute

ambient EP

as well as

the full-length

album, Dvale,

earlier this year,

producer and musician

Borealism took

a few months

off from

releasing music.

In the last month,

however, he's

returned full force.

Having released

three tracks

this summer,

Borealism has continued

to showcase

his signature

atmospheric dream

grooves. Distorted,

psychedelic, and

thumping along.

The track

“Glass Castles”

is an auditory

roller coaster

while “Sun Setter”

is more downtempo

and relaxed, perfect

for bed time.

The most

recent track,

“Black Cat”,

is an evil,

lurking number

that smacks

and feels like

something from

a 2001 trip-hop

project. I love

how all three

have different

sounds but

they're all

very Borealism.


Is that a new word?